Global vaccinology training e-portal

Welcome to the website of the International Collaboration on Advanced Vaccinology Training.

This site is mostly aimed at providing a list of existing advanced vaccinology courses of varying durations and training modalities (in-person, online, blended), and an easy search process for interested parties looking for a vaccinology course.
This website also allows for sharing information between vaccinology training courses.

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    The creation of such a web platform for information on available vaccinology training was proposed and strongly supported by the participants of a workshop held on 7–8 November 2018 at the initiative of the Advanced Course of Vaccinology (ADVAC). This workshop was attended by the leaders of 26 advanced vaccinology courses who met to carry out an extensive review of the existing courses worldwide, in order to identify education gaps and future needs as well as discuss potential collaboration.
    (Duclos P, et al. Global vaccinology training: Report from an ADVAC workshop. Vaccine. 2019; Volume 37, Issue 22, Pages 2871-2881).
    (Asturias E. et al. Advanced vaccinology education: Landscaping its growth and global footprint. Vaccine, 2020, Volume 38, Issue 30, Pages 4664-4670).

    A second workshop was organized on 22–24 March 2022. Leaders of 33 advanced vaccinology courses and partners were invited to meet to further the aims of the informal International Collaboration on Advanced Vaccinology Training initiated in 2018, assist courses in addressing challenges in priority areas and facilitate interactions and exchange of information as well as to discuss the formalization of the Collaboration. The aim was also to identify any necessary developments of the e-Portal of the Collaboration established to facilitate communication between the different courses and assist future course participants identify the most suitable course for them.

    The information provided on each course at the respective links is the sole responsibility of the persons in charge of these courses and their websites. Guidance is available on minimum elements of information to be provided on the vaccinology courses websites.

    The listing of a vaccinology course on this page does not mean an endorsement of its content or any certification of the quality of the teaching approach. All training courses listed on this website have obtained formal endorsement/accreditation from either a tertiary training institution and/or a training accreditation institution (e.g. Continued Medical Education).

    All courses listed, while varying in nature and prerequisites, tend to be advanced courses covering multiple aspects of vaccinology, if not alluding to all aspects.

    More courses may be available such as national courses targeting health workers or courses of a more focused nature such as courses on vaccine safety.

    We suggest that you also contact your National Immunization Programme and/or browse the WHO website to find information on such courses.


    If you know of any other vaccinology course not currently listed on this webpage or suggestions on how to improve the usefulness of this page, kindly send us a mail at:

    This website is funded by ADVAC using funds provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA, USA (Grant Inv-010383.